Mystery box - 2 pairs of pink earrings
Mystery box - 2 pairs of pink earrings

Mystery box - 2 pairs of pink earrings

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According to my jewellery ideas book, this idea came to me in July 2020 while in hospital having treatment for cancer.

So, what exactly is a mystery box? This little nugget of an idea was sparked while I was thinking when will the pandemic allow me to attend a market again? Markets are a place where I get to see your gorgeous faces (yay!) but also a place where I can try out new designs and literally do my own “market research". They’re a place where I can show and sell pieces that I may only get 1 or 2 of; pieces that come in very small numbers and it’s not worth my while to pay to have them photographed and added to the website.

If you’re interested in this first lot of mystery boxes, here’s some info that may help:

The pink mystery box contains only pink earrings, hand made with sterling silver earring wires. Each pair are NOT currently available on the website, they’re a complete mystery until you open them.

Why buy a mystery box? You’ll get 2 pairs of earrings for $100, saving 30%-50% on the item’s original price.

You can choose your preferred earring length from the dropdown menu. The mystery boxes will come in two varieties:

Shepherd hooks with pink vintage glass or acrylic


Our longer signature earring wires and pendant hooks with pink vintage glass or acrylic.

Every mystery box this month also receives a 10% off voucher for a future purchase.