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Betsy Blonde's work is the creative manifestation of jeweller, designer, and artist, Jacqueline Betsy Lord, but you can call her Jackie

Jackie’s work is a unique, and distinctive expression of an ode to a lifelong love affair with something old, and its harmonious expression as something new. 

Jackie’s work with the old comes to the fore using brilliant vintage glass, combined with sustainably sourced precious metals.  All of Jackie’s work is produced within the creative walls of her studio, deep within the forest, on Gadubanud country in the Otway ranges of Australia. 

Jewellery is my passion. It has been flowing through my veins since I was a young wee lass. Since then, my appreciation for the creative arts extended into many forms such as music, circus, and fashion.

Jacqueline Betsy Lord

A lover of jewellery from an early age, Jackie knew from the get-go that this was indeed her calling.  The enterprise that is Betsy Blonde was birthed in the throes of self-taught artistry, and later deeply refined at Melbourne Polytechnic, with the completion of an Advanced Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design.   It was here that she began using traditional metal working techniques, incorporating newfound skills with a spectacular array of gems and vintage glass pieces, gleefully found from all over the globe.  

Jackie welcomes you here to her meeting place of creative form, and her playful love of jewellery.  It is her immeasurable pleasure and her deepest honour to create, and share her work with you, for you, here.  Thank you for visiting, we truly hope you find some something special for yourself, or perhaps some inspiration for the gift of giving to someone you love.     

Jackie works full-time at her craft, dedicating her energy to creative exploration on a daily basis.  Her time and energy varies from day to day, given her personal journey with health. 

Although Jackie’s health looks good now in the bigger picture, her day to day struggles are something she likes to be upfront and honest about.  Jackie believes that openly sharing part of her personal journey as it aligns with her professional life, is an important aspect of how creative artists like herself build strength, resolve, resilience, community, and compassion.  There is a sense of being seen that is pertinent to the work of any artist, and a knowing of a shared path that is galvanising to the spirit of each and every one of us.     

"Thank you for visiting, I hope I get the opportunity to make you something beautiful."

— Jacqueline Lord

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