All Betsy Blonde pieces are created by Jacqueline Betsy, in her studio amongst the Otway forest.  A lover of jewellery from an early age, Betsy Blonde's work is created using traditional metal working techniques incorporating hand selected gems and found vintage glass pieces.  Every piece features recycled silver or gold, sourced in Australia.

Betsy Blonde is the creative love child of Jacqueline Betsy Lord.

"Jewellery is my passion. It has been flowing through my veins since I was a young wee lass.  Since then, my appreciation for the creative arts extended into many forms such as music, circus, and fashion.  This cultured a great deal of inspiration in me, and began to influence the individual expression and style that is exemplified in much of my work today.

For me, it is the simple and rewarding process of creating that gets me so excitedly stuck down the rabbit hole that is my studio.  It is one off pieces that last a lifetime that I truly love to create.  To then share with someone a vision or an idea that has come into a creative form through my hands with the aid of beautiful materials is truly a dream come true.  Betsy Blonde pieces are typically made using hand selected gems, found materials such as stunning vintage glass, and sometimes acrylics, and recycled metals.

Thank you for visiting, I hope I get the opportunity to make you something beautiful."  - Jacqueline Betsy Lord, Betsy Blonde