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Instagram Stories SALE - PURPLE, PINK + RED

StylePair 1: 1960s West German glass rose earrings - clear & red

Handmade in the Otways


Welcome to our Instagram Stories Sale.  These pieces are available until 29th February, or until sold out.  Please see the other shop listings for other treasures available at sale prices in heaps of vintage colours.

Pair 1:  1960s West German glass rose earrings.  Approx 4cm tall

Pair 2:  1950s Japanese glass earrings.  Approx 3.7cm tall

Pair 3:  1980s Czechoslovakian glass droplet earrings.  Approx 5cm tall

Pair 4:  1960s West German acrylic earrings.  Approx 5.5cm tall

Pair 5:  Mixed vintage bead earrings.  Approx 5.5cm tall

Pair 6:  1960s West German glass octagonal earrings.  Approx 3cm tall

Pair 7:  1970s Austrian crystal circle earrings (with a small chip).  Approx 4cm tall

Pair 8:  1970s Austrian crystal flower earrings.  Approx 2.5cm tall

Pair 9:  1980s West German acrylic shield earrings.  Approx 6.5cm tall

Pair 10:  Mixed vintage glass and acrylic earrings - very light, purple bead is hollow acrylic.  Approx 6.5cm tall.

Pair 11:  1950s Czechoslovakian glass heart earrings - pink & red.  Approx 4.5cm tall.

Pair 12:  1960s West German glass frosty striped earrings - red.  Approx 5cm tall.

Pair 13:  1980s Czechoslovakian glass hearts - red.  Approx 2.7cm tall.

Pair 14:  1960s West German glass hearts with roses.  Approx 3cm tall.

Pair 15:  1970s Austrian crystal hearts - one pair only.  Approx 3.6cm tall.

Pair 16:  1950s Czechoslovakian glass organic drops - pale lilac.  Approx 4.8cm tall.

Pair 17:  1970s Czechoslovakian glass bunting earrings - red.  Approx 5cm tall.

Pair 18:  1970s Czechoslovakian glass bunting earrings - purple.  Approx 5cm tall.

Pair 19:  1980s Austrian crystal earrings - purple.  Approx 4cm tall.

Handmade in Betsy Blonde's Otway forest based studio on Gadubanud Country.


Meet the Maker

All Betsy Blonde pieces are created by Jacqueline Betsy, in her studio amongst the Otway forest. A lover of jewellery from an early age, Betsy Blonde's work is created using traditional metal working techniques incorporating hand selected gems and found vintage glass pieces. Every piece features silver or gold, sourced in Australia. Read more.

Our philosophy

Gems, vintage glass and recycled metals are used to bring you pieces that are made to be worn, and loved, for many years to come. Read more.

Instagram Stories SALE - PURPLE, PINK + RED


From the Otway forest

All Betsy Blonde orders are shipped securely from our Otway forest based studio.

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Purchases are wrapped in our signature Betsy Blonde packaging, ready for gifting (or keeping).

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